Welcome to Galaxy 10! At present, we are getting things set up on our new server, things are finally running smoothly. At present, there is only one game up, EpicQuirk, which may be worth you checking out. Very soon we will having a BETA of a made-from-scratch PHP-based Apples to Apples game, called WebApples. The early development is almost complete for this game and it will not be long until it is announced here.

So what is Galaxy 10? It's a conglomeration of wholesome web applications, such as games, meant to enrich and/or amuse the visitor. That is what it is in short. We'll only host as much stuff as we can manage. Irons that are in our fire include:

- WebApples
- Alien Assault Traders (If you want to administrate this game, please contact me)
- Dr. Philbo's variation of BlackNova Traders (looking for suggestions for improvements, it is a simpler game than Alien Assault and Alien Assault Traders is based on elements from this game)
- Quasiepic Quest to Save Stuff - The current title of a php-based MMORPG that we have most of the conceptual work done for. We are looking for no help at this time, but keep an ear out for requests.
- NetRun - It will be a well-moderated link directory aimed at having minimal link bias - meaning, links that just about everyone can enjoy. Currently in the alpha stages of development, similar in nature to Digg.

--- Dr. Philbo

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